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iQagent is a Finalist in the 2014 Tabby awards


iQagent named Finalist in 2014 Tabby Business Awards

The Tabby Business Awards are a global competition for excellence in business and enterprisse Apps.  Twenty judges reviewed apps from a dozen countries and selected the top 75 Apps for 26 categories. Winners will be named in Novermber.  See http://tabbyawards.com/business/2014-finalists/ for more details.

iQagent was named in both the 'Intelligence, Information or Reference' and 'IT or Business Tool' Category.


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07.01.2018Paikkatietoon perustuva mobiiliratkaisu HSY:lle
21.10.2016Quality Control with a Dynamic Mobile Solution
13.10.2016CASE: Valmet Automotive
30.09.2016GTSoft AA -luottoluokkaan
06.11.2014iQagent voittajaksi Tabby Awards Mobiiliapsien iPad Intelligence, Information & Reference kategoriassa
14.10.2014GTSoft RenderDM jakelijaksi pohjoismaissa
07.10.2014iQagent is a Finalist in the 2014 Tabby awards

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