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Quality Control with a Dynamic Mobile Solution




Valmet Automotive is one of the world’s leading premium automotive contractors, who’s services are used by the worlds most distinguished brands incl. Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.  The Uusikaupunki factory has over 500 robotized production cells and is one of Finland’s most modern industrial production lines.

Volume production of Mercedes-Benz GLC –models starting 2017 required new tools for Quality Control due to the sheer volume of customer-configurable options compared to the current Mercedes-Benz A-Series production.

GTSoft and Valmet Automotive co-developed a mobile solution which uses the mobile device’s camera to identify the unique QR or bar code I.D. of a specific car and then fetch the exact order information and step-by-step instructions from current manufacturing systems for the Quality Control Inspector.
A Samsung s2 8” tablet was chosen as ideal “pocketable” end user device having excellent display, camera and battery life for modern photo-based QC-work. In addition to a native Android app the delivered solution can also be used from any mobile device with a modern web browser.

 The project was done using agile methodology, took only a few months from start to sign-off and the solution is already in use.

”Co-operation with GTSoft was great and we received the solution according to our tight schedule. The solution is so flexible that we are already using it with a larger user base than initially planned” – Director of Quality Control Leon Pluister.

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